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Education :: Misc
Documentary and Narrative Film 2019 Series
7:00 PM
Bitterroot Public Library
Night Will Fall
Russian, Hebrew, English/Independent Documentary/75 minutes
Directed by Andre Singer
Night Will Fall tells the story of the liberation of the German Concentration Camps. Using remarkable archive footage and
testimony from both survivors and liberators, it tells of the efforts made to document the almost unbelievable scenes that the Allies
encountered on liberation.
The film explores how a team of top filmmakers, including Sidney Bernstein, Richard Crossman and Alfred Hitchcock, came
together to make a film to provide undeniable evidence of what the Allies found, but the film was stopped in its tracks by the
British Government and only now 70 years on, has it been completed. Each new generation deserves access to this evidence.”
Film Platform

Meeting room of library, 7:00 pm
Age Group: All Ages
Venue: Bitterroot Public Library
Address: 306 State Street Hamilton, MT 59840
Phone: 406-363-1670

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